Agar Bio (Organic)


Organic Agar. Extracted from algae cltivated using organic aquacluture.

Thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent. Sets quickly and can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C.

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Organic Fibrous carbohydrate extracted from algae that has been cultivated using organic aquaculture.

Suitable for making hot gelatinous products, achieving a superb result, even with very small quantities.
It is extremely efficient. A 400 g pack is enough to prepare around 500 meat or vegetable portions of 100g.
On top, it is an important source of fibre with positive effects on cholesterol levels and 0% fat.

It can be used as gelling agent for vegetarian and vegan diets. It is a gluten-free product and, therefore, suitable for celiac.

Characteristics and uses:
Presented in very fine powder. Mix cold and bring to the boil. It sets quickly and, once gelled, it can withstand
temperatures up to 80 ºC (hot gelatinous product).
To obtain the desired texture. Increase dose when used with alcohol or ingredients high in acidity.
Suggested ratio to achieve not too hard gelled products: 2-5 g/l.
Suggested ratio to achieve hard gelled products: 5-10 g/l.



250 g Fruit juice
15 g Sugar
1,5 g Töufood Agär
Mix half of the fruit juice with the sugar (if you
have used some) and the Agär. Stir constantly
until stir until thoroughly dispersed. Heat the
mixture to boil, stirring constantly to prevent the
mixture sticking. Remove from heat and add the
other half of the juice. Place in the crème caramel
moulds. Leave to cool until the gel texture has
been achieved.


250 g Coffee
30 g Sugar
1 g Töufood Agär
Mix all the ingredients, stirring continuously, until
thoroughly dispersed. Heat the mixture to boil.
Heat the mixture to boil, stirring continuously to
prevent burning. Remove from heat and place in
pottery coffee containers. Leave to cool until a
gelatinous texture has been achieved. Oven heat
the gel at 100 ºC, for 10 minutes.


400 g Strawberry blend
2 g Töufood Agär
Heat the blend with Agär, strain, fill the syringe
and place the tube until emptying the syringe.
Remove the tube and place it in water and ice.
Place the tube when the syringe is full of air and
remove the spaghettis.


250 g Scampi broth
0,6 g Töufood Agär
Bring to the boil, stirring continuously, without
stopping. Gel in the fridge, for 2 hours, at least.
Grill-heat for serving.


250 g Basil water
0,9 g Töufood Agär
Mix ¼ part of basil’s water and Agär powder.
Bring to the boil at medium heat and keep stirring
continuously, without stopping. Remove from heat
and add the rest of the water with a pinch of salt.
Set in a container that allows 1 cm thickness.


200 g Orange juice
2 g Töufood Agär
500 g Cold Sunflower oil
Mix the orange juice and the Agär and boil. Leave
the oil in the fridge or freezer until it is very chilled
and release some oil drops with a syringe to make
the caviar pearls. Strain and clean.


800 g Potato cream
1 g Töufood Agär
Make the traditional potato cream: leaks, butter,
potatoes, water and cream 35%. Blend with the
Thermomix and strain with a chinoise strainer.
Add the Agär to the 800 g of potato cream. Bring
to the boil, strain and put into the siphon with 2
cream charges. Bain marie at 65 ºC and serve.


400 g Lemon juice
6 g Töufood Agär
200 g Simple syrup
Boil the syrup with the Agär. Remove from heat
and add the lemon juice. Leave to cool and speed



198 g Milk
187 g Cream 35%
2 g Töufood Agär
100 g Sugar
125 g Coconut milk
Mix all the ingredients, except the coconut milk.
Boil the mixture for 2 minutes (except the coconut
milk). Start boiling the coconut milk and strain. Fill
the moulds. Leave to set in the fridge.


300 g Vinegar
2 g Töufood Agär
25 g Sugar
Reduce 300 g of vinegar down to 200 g. Leave to
cool. Mix all the ingredients and start boiling.
Leave to cool, speed blend and strain. Serve with
the dispenser bottle.


200 g Coconut purée
200 g Coconut milk
50 g Sugar
3 g Töufood Agär
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with the blender.
Bring to a boil to activate the Agär and let cool
until it gels. Blend until obtaining a smooth cream.

Manufacturer Töufood
PACK/SIZE 400 gram
Manuf. # 103039
SHELF LIFE Best before 24 months
STORAGE Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, at a temperature below 25°C. It should not be placed directly on the floor.
Unit Jar
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Agar Bio (Organic)