Auto Can Sealer


Automatic Can Sealer

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The automatic can sealer is an tabletop can sealing machine with high performance, capable of sealing more than 400 cans in just 1 hour.

With the ability to work on different materials (aluminium and PET) and capacities (250 ml; 8.45 oz and 300 ml; 10.14 oz), it is a versatile and very useful machine.

With its small size, the can sealer can fit in any space.

The ability to seal cans on the spot allows you to design unique drinks, make instant mixes, present cocktails in an attractive way and even work in front of the public, thanks to the minimalist design.


To further enhance the machine's appeal, we offer fully transparent plastic cans that you can customize using a vinyl sticker.

250 ml./8.45 oz. Clear Soda Can (item 88677)

330 ml/10.14 oz. Clear Soda Can (item 88678)



Manufacturer 100% Chef
PACK/SIZE 1 each
Manuf. # 100/1047
Unit Box
Auto Can Sealer