Bakers Aid Yeast Food

    Bakers-Aid yeast food, is a dough improver and is a balanced combination of Calcium Sulphate, Ammonium Chloride, Pottassium bromate, salt and wheat flour.

    What it does

    By supplying necessary mineral and nitrogen food for the yeast, Bakers-Aid stimulates yeast activity and helps mellow the gluten in the flour – this stimulated yeast activity also helps bring about the acidity which is best for dough fermentation and conditioning, thus, Bakers-Aid:

    1. Effects a greater rate of gas production in the dough.
    2. Produces a rapid conditioning.

    How it is used

    Generally 4 to 8 ounces of Bakers-Aid yeast food is used with 100 pounds of flour, depending on the ingredients, type of bread being made and shop condition.

    Some small bakers prefer to express their bread formulas using the gallon of water bases of measurement – in this case the use of ½ to ¾ ounce per gallon is recommended.

    Advantages of Bakers-Aid

    Greater conditioning power. Bakers-Aid with sufficient yeast conditions the dough to a greater extent.

    Greater loaf volume and oven spring – Bakers-Aid helps condition the dough rapidly and promote its extensibility. Then when the gas expands from the heat in the oven, it produces a good oven spring.

    Thus, Bakers-Aid produces a larger loaf on normal proof without sacrifice of grain or texture.

    How it is stored

    Bakers-Aid is stored with the same care as flour. It should be kept cool and dry. High temperatures should be avoided and under these conditions Bakers-Aid will keep for several months.