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Aromatic Aladdin®, is the only culinary multi-aromatizer in the world. Based on the technique of instant smoking, our freshener can generate immediate and controlled aromatic vapors from essential oils, essences, extracts, alcohols, etc. Those aromatic vapors can be injected into the Aladin Covers, or bells, plates, bags, containers ... or simply flavored all kind of foods in seconds. Put a few drops of flavoring agent in the absorbent filter.
Switch on your engine and direct the nozzle to where you want the aroma to go and you will get an invisible vapor of fragrance.  It will not stain or absorb into any surface.
Seaweed, floral, herbs, spices, fruits, biscuits and yeast, liquors, seeds, smoked, tea and coffee, toast, etc. Anything is possible!
No heat, it is tough and reliable. Enjoy this gadget for a long time!
Change your filter with a new one when you change aromas.
You can also create your own aroma with infinite possibilities of combination of flavors, try: lemon-mint, orange-whiskey, truffle-mushroom, coconut-rum...
The essential complement to your gadget are the Aladin Covers® with valves.


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