Malic Acid


An organic compound, a dicarboxylic acid made by all living organisms.

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Naturally occurring acid that is present in many vegetables, especially sour-tasting fruits such as grapes, apples, and green cherries. It has preservative and acidifying properties, and is mainly used to acidify beverages and other products as it has a very enveloping acidic profile in the mouth, focusing on the sides of the mouth and on the palate.
It is usually used diluted in water or introduced directly into the preparation.

Manufacturer Töufood
PACK/SIZE 800 gram
Manuf. # 0103142
SHELF LIFE Preferable within 24 months from the production date, as long as it is kept in its closed container.
STORAGE Recommended to keep between 15-25ºC, in a cool and dry place, protected from direct light and well closed. Avoid direct storage on the ground.
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Malic Acid