Methylcellulocse powder.  Gels when heated.

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Unlike other gelling agents, Mëticel gels with increasing temperature.

When the product cools, it loses its gelation and becomes a liquid.

This allows for fine purees and mincing, so that they melt in the mouth.

It can be applied to masses of products for frying, e.g. croquettes to retain water and thus prevent them from breaking during frying.

It is a fiber type carbohydrate whose origin is vegetable cellulose.

It is very efficient. A 250 gr. package is enough for about 1000 portions of 100 gr. of different products.

Characteristics and applications:

  • It is presented as a finely ground powder.
  • Mix cold or warm, stirring vigorously, and let stand in the refrigerator until 4ºC for hydration. Then apply temperature.
  • It is a gelling agent that acts completely backwards, it gels when the temperature increases. It begins to gel at 55ºC and above.
  • Dosage to obtain very soft gelled products: 2-5 g/l.
  • Dosage to obtain consistent gelled products: 5-15 g/l.
  • Available in 250 gr. and 45 gr. packages.

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100 g Water
3 g Töufood Mëticel
250 g Vegetables
Prepare the Mëticel base, heating water at 80-90
ºC. Add the Mëticel, stirring constantly with a stick
blender, until thoroughly dispersed. Leave to cool
in the fridge at 4 ºC for, at least, 12 h. Sautee the
vegetables. Pour the Mëticel base and cook in a
pan, as a tortilla.


500 g Croquettes dough
3 g Töufood Mëticel
Prepare the croquettes dough, adding the Mëticel
to the milk. Stir constantly with a stick blender,
until Mëticel is thoroughly dispersed. Leave to
cool in the fridge at 4 ºC, for, at least, 12 h. Fry
and serve.


250 g Fruit juice
3 g Töufood Mëticel
6 g Töufood Fishgël
Mix 200 g of the juice with Mëticel, at room
temperature. Stir constantly with a stick blender
until the Mëticel is thoroughly dispersed. Put the
mixture in the fridge at 4 ºC for, at least, 12 hours,
for a perfect hydration. Hydrate the Fishgël with
the rest of the cold fruit juice. Add some cold
water, if necessary (it must be 4 parts of cold cold
liquid for 1 part of Fishgël). Disperse, heating the
mixture up to 50 ºC. Add the mixture of Mëticel
and leave it outside the fridge, until reaching, at
least, 14 ºC. Place in a container and start
beating. Once a little foam is obtained, add the
gelatine mixture at about 35-40 ºC, and keep
beating constantly until achieving a sponge


500 g Potato
50 g Cream
100 g Butter
10 g Töufood Mëticel
Boil the potatoes and pass them through a
manual food mill. Add the boiled cream, butter
and Mëticel. Cool in the fridge at 4 ºC. For a
correct hydration of the Mëticel cool, preferably,
for 12 hours. Make the gnocchi and fry.


125 g Passion fruit
35 g Sugar
1,75 g Töufood Mëticel
3,5 g Töufood Fishgël
Mix with a stick blender 75g of Passion fruit with
the Mëticel, until it is thoroughly dispersed. Leave
to cool in the fridge at 4 ºC for, at least, 12 hours.
Once cooled, leave to rest until achieving up to 14
ºC. Mix the remaining 50 g of Passion fruit with
the Fishgël, previously hydrated in cold water (1
part of Fishgël in 4 parts of cold water). Then,
heat gently at 35 ºC, approximately. Blend the
Mëticel, the sugar and the Passion fruit at 14 ºC
and add the gelled Passion fruit. Beat the mixture
until achieving a merengue texture and fill a
pastry sleeve in the desired shape (Wotsits, e.g.).
The preparation can be dehydrated to make it


375 g Milk
25 g Sugar
13 g Glucose syrup
10 g Cocoa powder
23 g Chocolate 70%
9 g Ice Cream Stabilizer
10 g Töufood Mëticel
Heat the milk at 40 ºC. Add the sugar, glucose,
stabilizer and bring up to 85 ºC. Bring down to 50
ºC, add the coat and the cocoa and disperse it
with a stick blender. Add the Mëticel, strain and
leave to rest for 6 hours. Mix with the stick blender
and leave in the fridge. Heat water and add a
tablespoon of the frozen mixture. Add a couple of
minutes, strain, dry and serve.

Manufacturer Töufood
PACK/SIZE 250 gram
Manuf. # 103001
SHELF LIFE Best before 24 months
STORAGE Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, at a temperature below 25°C. It should not be placed directly on the floor.
Unit Jar
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