Pectin Hm Yellow


High-methoxyl pectin powder, used for fruit purees and jellied sweets.

More Information

It is a fiber type carbohydrate.

It is extracted from citrus fruits or apples combined with maltodextrin for dispersing and with salts for slow gelling.

It is a gluten-free product and therefore suitable for coeliacs.

Characteristics and applications:

  • Directions for use: Mix with sucrose or other carbohydrates and introduce into the liquid.
  • Gelling conditions: high sugar content (above 50 or more Brix) and high acidity (below pH 3.7).
  • It can withstand high temperatures (thermostable).
  • Usual doses for gelled products: 10-20 gr./Kg. of fruit.
  • Available in 600 gr. and 150 gr. packages.

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1200 g Fruit purée
22 g Töufood Pëctin HM Yellow
84 g Sugar
840 g Sugar
18 g Glucose
84 g Invert sugar
12 g Töufood Citrïc
Mix the purées and heat with the 84 g of
saccharose and the Pëctin HM Yellow. Bring to
the boil. Add the rest of the sugars at intervals,
without interrupting the cooking process. Keep
cooking to a minimum of 75 ºBx or 105 ºC,
approximately. Stop cooking and add the Citrïc.
Place in hot moulds and, once cooled, cover with
some cling film.


280 g Peach purée
20 g Sugar
5 g Töufood Pëctin HM Yellow
220 g Sugar
40 g Glucose
20 g Invert sugar
3 g Töufood Citrïc
Mix the Pëctin HM Yellow with the 20 g of sugar.
Add the peach purée and boil for 5 minutes. Add
the sugar with the glucose syrup and the invert
sugar, at intervals. Mix vigorously. Heat to 106 ºC.
Add the Citrïc and mix. Pour the mixture into
silicon moulds and reserve in the fridge.


7 g Töufood Pëctin HM Yellow
28 g Sugar
270 g Water
276 g Sugar
68 g Glucose
70 g Hazelnut purée
3 g Töufood Citrïc
Heat the water to 40ºC. Add the Pëctin HM Yellow
with the 28 g of sugar. Boil the mixture and add
the rest of the sugar and the glucose. Heat to 107
ºC. Remove from heat add the hazelnut (or other
nut type) purée and the Citrïc. Heat again and
bring to the boil. Pour into hot moulds and, once
cooled, cover with cling film.

Manufacturer Töufood
PACK/SIZE 600 gram
Manuf. # 103031
SHELF LIFE Best before 24 months
STORAGE Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, at a temperature below 25°C. It should not be placed directly on the floor.
Unit Jar
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Pectin Hm Yellow