Slimmer Grill Press


Mechanical grill press.

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Inspired by a best-selling Japanese street snack, Slimmer is a machine that delivers results never seen before and expands the possibilities of any pressed product.

Thanks to the precise temperature control of its two aluminum plates, with a pressure capacity of 2000 Kg/cm2 and a voltage of 110 V, it is able to press any ingredient to a thickness of up to 1 millimeter while cooking.

Proteins, vegetables, dough and even sweet snacks in a new format with an unprecedented appearance. In as little as two minutes, this press can guarantee a surprisingly thin, crispy, freshly made and uniquely appealing snack that will become a must-have in the most innovative restaurants and a new path for restless entrepreneurs.

Designed with a tabletop size and a practical weight, and very easy to use, Slimmer is perfect for any type of gastronomic project.

Dimensions: 35x47x24 cm

Manufacturer 100% Chef
PACK/SIZE 1 each
Manuf. # 30/3009
Unit Each
Slimmer Grill Press