Thermo Nitro Jar .75L

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NEW MODEL! With special cap for nitrogen uses, it does not allow the hermetic close of the jar, providing more security. It also includes a cap for another product use. Special thermal jar for works with LN2, made of stainless steel and borosilicate, with double vacuum sealed chamber. It is ideal for nitrogen service, its excellent insulation keeps the nitrogen for hours with little loss, quickly recovering your investment when compared with other thermo jars that you can use.
It does not produce snow effect, giving a less aggressive image in front of the client, it also facilitates spill accuracy thanks to its special mouth, avoiding splashes. For a good use, follow the instructions in the packaging of the thermos. We have spare parts of all its components.
Sizes aprox: 0.5L (10 x 15 x 20cm), 0.75L (11 x 15 x 23cm) and 1L (13 x 16 x 25cm).



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