VOM Technical Kit USA


Connection for the VOM, for use with commerical helium tanks.

For use with USA helium tanks.

More Information

Special pressure reducer for pure helium cylinders.


It is the unique approved connection to fit the valve of the VOM Basic Kit (Max 6 ATM).


The Technical Kit is the perfect complement for your Basic Kit in case of high and professional consuption. Just by using the first 20L bottle you will be able to amortize the initial investment.


This kit is designed for use in the United States. This device will connect the VOM Kit to a commercial helium tank.


This item is not a standalone product. It is an upgrade for the VOM Basic Kit for high volume. 


Helium tank not included.  Please contact your local gas supplier to inquire about helium tanks.

Manufacturer 100% Chef
PACK/SIZE 1 each
Manuf. # 100/4020
Unit Box
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VOM Technical Kit USA